The OAVT Road Show – Virtual Edition will feature live webinars throughout October 2020. Content is organized within four tracks: Canine Focus, Compassionate Care, Equine Focus and Feline Focus. Use the tabs below to view schedules for each track.

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  • Canine Focus

    Sponsored by Hill’s Pet Nutrition

    October 1 – 8:00PM: Senior Dogs Need Dentistry Too!

    October 23 – 12:00PM: Managing the Senior Canine Patient Using Integrative Medicine

    October 27 – 9:00PM: Feeding Our Senior Dogs for Maximum Benefit

  • Compassionate Care

    Sponsored by Gateway Pet Memorial Services

    October 15 – 8:00PM: Compassion Fatigue – Why Do I feel like this and Where can I find help?

    October 26 – 9:00PM: Pet Aftercare and a Positive Client Experience

  • Equine Focus

    October 7 – 7:00PM: Beyond Nutrition: Feeding the Golden Oldies

    October 20 – 8:00PM: Equine Geriatric Anesthesia

    October 29 – 7:00PM: Managing the Senior Equine Athlete

  • Feline Focus

    Sponsored by Royal Canin

    October 5 – 8:00PM: Feline Super Seniors – The Result of Wellness Testing and Trending

    October 14 – 7:00PM: Our Skinny Seniors: A Personalized Approach

    October 22 – 9:00PM: PAIN: Make It Stop! Chronic and Neuropathic Pain in Cats

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